WARNING: May contain spoilers! 

Last night, MTV viewers were treated to a "killer" season finale of their new series, Eye Candy. The audience watched as Lindy figured out the Flirtual Killer's identity and plotted how to defeat him. 

For those of you who have been watching, you know the Flirtual Killer is none other than the handsome, charming Aussie Jake. He was suave, good looking, but, as we found out, extremely psychotic. And as we say "G'Day" to Jake (I knew he was too perfect!), here's a list of favorite TV psychos.

10. The Flirtual Killer (aka Jake) - Eye Candy


How better to start off our list than with the delicious devil who inspired it? Jake was perfect. Great smile, great body, enticing accent. Psychotic? Beyond. Viewers found out during last night's finale that Jake even killed his own mother when he was just a little boy. His obsession with perfection led him to Lindy Sampson, giving anyone who got in his way a good slice to the throat. I'm still clutching my neck on that one. 

9. Bloody Face (aka Dr. Oliver Thredson) - American Horror Story: Asylum



Oh Zachary Quinto. We know you play a good stoic (see Star Trek). But when does that stoic, calm nature turn into a sadistic, evil personality? Bloody Face is the result of extreme maternal abandonment issues. Yeesh. Talk about family problems.

8. The Replicator (aka John Curtis) - Criminal Minds

I guess Luke Skywalker turned to the dark side after all. After being dismissed from the Bureau, Curtis was furious to learn Agent Alex Blake, who was also dismissed at the same time, was hired on at the Behavioral Analysis Unit. He soon earned his title after literally replicating the crimes the BAU solved since Blake joined the squad. One included sewing a victim's mouth shut to resemble "The Silencer". He targeted the team, following each and every one of them, taunting them with the word "Zugzwang"- a chess term meaning any possible move could put them in danger. Smart man, but I can see why they didn't hire him back. 

7. Joe Carroll - The Following

Boy, does this guy make Kevin Bacon dance. Kills 14 women, gets people to join a cult- this guy must be a charmer. His obsession with Edgar Allen Poe was like a "How To Kill People 101". 

6. Norman Bates - Bates Motel

I guess Charlie turned from chocolate to a seriously fatal Oedipus complex. Need I go on? 

5. Walter White - Breaking Bad

 Walter White (Bryan Cranston) - Breaking Bad _ Season 5b _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

While Walt doesn't fit the "serial killer" kind of psychopathy the rest on this list do, he clearly has tendencies. Manipulation, no conscience- he will do what's necessary. Don't worry Walt- we still like yah. 

4. Jim Moriarty - Sherlock 

His seemingly sweet, soft demeanor will fool even the most expert of detectives. Who else just waltzes in and puts on the crown jewels while listening to a mixtape unless they are a psychopath? 

3. The Master - Doctor Who

Can you hear the drums? If you do, RUN! The Master is probably THE best villain on Doctor Who. Clearly crazy as can be and will wipe out the President of the United States because he wants to. He even has his own theme song to commit genocide. Obviously psychotic.

2. Hannibal Lecter - Hannibal

Cannibalistic doctor. Need I say more? 

1. Dexter Morgan - Dexter

Well of course Dexter has to be at the top of this list! Who doesn't love a killer who kills killers? He was one of the nice ones. We miss you, Dex.